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Chicken Salad Atlanta Story

With the dedicated work of Mike and Shirley Liu, Cafe at Pharr opened its doors in the spring of 1993. Despite their best efforts, business was frustratingly slow. At the time, Mike focused on making and selling cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. However, after several months, Mike reconceptualized the cafe’s menu by getting rid of the decadent pastries and incorporating healthy Chicken Salad Atlanta. Since then, Cafe at Pharr grow to be a really popular Chicken Salad place in Atlanta.

Cafe at Pharr begjohnny liu, atlanta restaurateur,an and continues to function as a Mom ‘n’ Pop shop, growing as the friendliest restaurant in Buckhead. For over a decade, Mike created the chicken salad, Shirley took care of the front end of the business, and customers constantly saw their children, Johnny and Jenny, helping their dad cooked chicken salad, stuffing their faces with yogurt rolls and doing their best to help out, which usually meant staying out of the way. As they grew older, Johnny learned the ins and outs of baking bread and perfecting chicken salad Atlanta recipes, as Jenny waitressed and bussed tables in the front.

Today, Cafe at Pharr is run by Mike and Shirley’s son, Johnny, who has opened multiple locations around metro Atlanta and hopes to open more in the future. Jenny has since left Atlanta to pursue her doctorate in art history. Mike and Shirley have retired but still can be seen from time to time checking in on their son Johnny, at there flagship store on Pharr Road, making sure the Chicken Salad is always prepared like Mom ‘n’ Pop used to make it.