Atlanta Eats Is Coming to Buckhead

To All Cafe at Pharr Peeps,

We have exciting news!! We will be celebrating our 25th year anniversary this Thursday Sept. 6th at the Buckhead location!!  Atlanta Eats is filming and we  be raffling off a free lunch for a month to one lucky person.  Please come out and help us celebrate some chicken salad!!

Love y’all
Cafe at Pharr

New Expansion by The Famous Chicken Salad Shop in Atlanta


New Expansion at Cafe at Pharr: Retail Corner

Cafe at Pharr, one of your favorite Atlanta restaurants, keep doing new things. If you know Johnny,  you know he will always be passionate about growing his business and satisfy his customers. This year, not only we expanded our wings for new catering company, we also just expanded our culinary team with a super talented new pastry chef to. We want to step up in our dessert and homemade goods games.

Key Lime Cupcake
banana bread, atlanta
Banana Bread

Ask and you shall receive. Over the years lots of our customers have shown love for our Original Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisins Cookies, but they also want another varieties of sweets that will please their sweet tooth. Beside that, a lot of our beloved customers has asked us to have some other options for catering dessert. From cookies, cake pops, to birthday cake, we can cater everything according to your need.

cafe at pharr
Cinnamon Roll
Jumbo Cracked Chocolate Chip

So, we listen to our customers, because they are our king and they are the reason that we are still here. Jim, our neighbor that is the greatest at what he does, helped us built our wooden cabinet with marble on top. We did some research and started our little Retail Corner in front of the cashier.

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Teriyaki Sauce + Cutting Board by local artist

All of our goodies and desserts are made in house from scratch by our Pastry Chef, Janice. We also featured some local artist products for cute gifts, like Maddox Wood Design, so, check it out today! If you need a little pick me up, maybe a little pack of cookies work best for you. Or if you need us to cater to your event, we will bring homemade desserts right in front of your door, just like how grandma makes it!

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Canned Pepper Jelly

3 Things You Can Cook with Ginger Dressing | Buckhead Restaurant

I did not choose the Ginger Dressing life, the Ginger Dressing Life chose me.

ginger dressing, atlanta, buckhead restaurant, cafe buckhead

If you have been to one of our locations, you probably have tasted our Famous Ginger Dressing. With no oil or preservatives, our ginger dressing is for everybody. We serve all of our salad with ginger dressing on the side, some people even ask for the ginger dressing for their sandwiches to dip in. But when you get a bottle of our dressing for your house, you can be creative! You can use it for something else. Why ginger tho? Because we believe that ginger has a lot of health benefits for you. We want you to be healthy. There is so many ways you can use our ginger dressing, but our 3 favorites are:

CAP Marinated Ginger Fish

The other thing you can marinate with our Ginger Dressing is raw fish, our favorite is Tuna, yes Ahi Tuna that we have at the cafe. Usually we marinate the fish fillet for a good 30 minutes before we seared it. You can also marinate the whole fish, you just need to marinate it at least one hour. To accompanied that, you can sauté some vegetable with onion and put it on top of the fish. This is great to serve with rice.

grilled salmon, ginger dressing, grilled vegetable, cafe at pharr, chicken salad atlanta

Cafe at Pharr Grilled Steak

Have you thought about marinating your chicken with our ginger dressing? Yep! You read that right. Our ginger dressing is so delicate that you can even use it to marinate steak. We tried it before we created this blog post and we love it.

  1. Rub your favorite steak (our personal favorite is Filet Mignon) with your favorite oil. You can either do olive oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, or even sesame oil.
  2. For 2 lbs of meat, pour 1/4 cup of our ginger dressing to the marinating bowl. The vinegar inside our ginger dressing will tenderize the meat before we cook it.
  3. Marinate for at least one hour before you start grilling.
  4. Pat the meat a little bit, then Grilled it out!


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CAP Special Sushi Roll

Craving sushi in the middle of the night is no secret. Sometimes you just need to fulfill those cravings by making your own sushi roll. Wait, but you don’t know how! What to do? But then you remember that you have a bottle of Cafe at Pharr Ginger Dressing in your fridge.

When you mix a bowl of rice with 3 table spoons of our ginger dressing, your sushi rice is ready. You just need to add your favorite toppings on it. Get your bamboo mat ready, lay some seaweed on it, flatten your ginger dressing rice and some toppings (avocado, salmon, tuna, cream cheese, and cucumber), then ROLL it!

Although we give you 3 other things you can make with our ginger dressing, don’t stop using our ginger dressing as a salad dressing. At the end of the day, we made this dressing for salad anyway! Mix it up a bit, add some pasta or soba noodle, or add some mix greens. Make your life easier by having the all in our dressing in your fridge. Get one bottle today at one of our locations! Make sure you have enough bottles for salads, steak, fish, sushi, and more!


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Our Famous Ginger Dressing!


Life of an Exec | Buckhead, Atlanta Entrepreneur

Wearing the white shirt with the words: EXECLIFE, Andrew Calloway walked into Cafe at Pharr Buckhead with confidence. He would seat down at the bar and one of our servers would bring him a glass of half and half tea right away. And then we would ask: do you want coffee today? Do you also want your usual? Then all the servers would compete to put in his order: The Club Sandwich on white bread, with NO bacon.

Andrew Calloway, 29, a loyal Cafe at Pharr Buckhead eater, has always bring Cafe at Pharr a unique atmosphere. His fierce personality always inspiring. So one day he came to eat lunch and told us he quit his job and he started his own line of clothing. As a fan, of course we were super thrilled! Entrepreneurship is not for everybody, but it is for him.

buckhead apparel, cafe at pharr buckhead

EXECLIFE is not just a brand, there is a story behind it. He grew up in Drezna, a small town in Russia near Moscow, with his mom and her boyfriend. It was not an exactly supportive atmosphere for a child to be there. A lot of times he had to run away and leave as a homeless child. Because of that, his love for bread has grown. To him, bread is essential for his life because it will sustain his hunger for days.

As a 4 year old, he had to deal with alcoholism and abusive relationship himself. One day he had to save his mom from abusing herself and end up in a hospital. Since then, he never met his mom anymore. The social worker brought him to an orphanage. Little did he know, the orphanage will change his life upside down.

cafe at pharr atlanta, atlanta entrepreneur, atlanta apparel

After a few years spending time  at the orphanage, a generous and kind-hearted young man from Atlanta came and visit the orphanage. That man, Maxwell Calloway, adopted him and his two other friends to be his sons. Now because of his generous decision, Andrew is motivated to live a life that nobody could ever imagine when he was four. Who would’ve thought that this homeless boy would own his own clothing line? He believes that his past does not define his future.

buckhead, atlanta

The Calloways, such a fun and friendly family, is the one that introduced Andrew to his go to lunch now. Everyday around noon, he will be there. So if you want to meet him in person, you know where to find him.


Check out his website & social media for more detail stories.


Wedding Tips from Cafe at Pharr

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Get your body ready for the wedding!

It’s wedding season, y’all! Are you engaged and soon will get married?? Congratulation!! Or you just said yes to your best friend to be her bridesmaid? Perfect! You’re excited. Now what? The wedding is coming up soon, and you want to look best on the wedding day. The question is: how do you do to get your body ready for the wedding?

atlanta, just engaged, chicken salad atlanta, luxury brideimage credit: Glorious Moments Photography

Well, after doing some research, we found out the three thing that helps your body ready for the wedding:

  1. Sweat it out!
    Human body always need a good work out. Whether you like to run, go to the gym, or swimming, anything that makes your body sweat will help you burn fat. And burning fat means healthier body. When your body is healthy, it is easier to keep it in shape. Try to work out at least 3 times a week!
  2. Keep up the good diet!
    This is where we come in, a lot of places in Atlanta serve healthy food that will not temp you to get those wasteful fat to your body. When you come in to Cafe at Pharr, all we have is healthy food. Our chicken salad cup is only 252 calories. Some people will do a cup a day for lunch and you don’t have to worry about anything else.bridal party, bridal shower, atlanta choice
    One of our best customers, Katie, just got married last weekend. Leading up to her wedding, she ate lunch with us almost everyday ( I mean, she’s always been!). When she got engaged, Edi, our awesome servers, introduce her to the Egg Potato Salad. Since then, she got hooked! She loves it on a toasted multigrain, open sandwich style!And there are many more brides that comes to Cafe at Pharr so they will be in shape for the wedding day. All we want is for you to be healthy and in shape!
  3. Don’t stress out. 
    When the big day is coming up, you might get a little stressful. Let’s not get too stressful, though! The tendency is that you get hungrier when you are stress. You lost a lot of energy thinking about something too much. Make sure you hired the best and the most professional vendors when it comes to your wedding, like our sister company, The Chef’s Table. They have the best staffing & catering team that will make you feel at ease. The right vendors will make you less stressful about the wedding, so you have more time building your marriage.At the end of the day, you know there is no such thing as perfect, BUT it will be amazing. It will be fun! Remember to savor the moments. The moment you two become one, the moment your best friend said I do! The details of the wedding are important, but your marriage is more important!

image credit: Glorious Moments Photography

Fancy Nancy

atlanta chicken salad, chicken salad plate, atlanta lunch spot

Have you came to our Cafe recently and wondered what is Fancy Nancy salad? Well, the story of Nancy style salad starts with one lovely lady. After years and years of coming to Cafe at Pharr, Nancy Dixon Bellows, one of our most loyal customers, has made a historical change in our Cafe life.

Nancy Bellows


Nancy started coming to Cafe at Pharr everyday when we opened at the Pharr location. When she first came to Cafe at Pharr, Walnut Chicken Salad was her favorite.  After a few years, her favorite change to Celery Salad Plate. And the history change forever. Since then, she always order it in a way that nobody does.


She asked for the salad to be chopped, even the tomatoes (so smart, right?)! She also ask for extra celery on the side and sliced avocados on top of our original salad. But, she removed the gluten from the salad, that includes our yummy yogurt rolls. Now because of her, her family and friends started to ask us to make her the  “Nancy” salad. Not only that, some people that does not even know her will look at her salad and want it the same way she does. Lots of people keep the yogurt roll and homemade bread ‘though!

So started at the beginning of the year, we have put Nancy style as an options to add on for your salad plate. For only $2.49, you can get it fancy the Nancy way.

Nancy, we love you so much! We love seeing you everyday!

We birth a new Atlanta catering company!

After a few years dreaming about a full service catering company, we finally started our catering company a few months ago. Rooted in Buckhead, we serve all around metro Atlanta area. We are a group of people that is very passionate about cooking the best food and giving the best customer service to you.

We have stepped up from just catering Cafe at Pharr food to a full service catering company that provides everything from easy box lunches menu to fancy plated dinner ready for every occasion.

plated dinner atlanta

Chef’s Table Atlanta, that is what is called. Chef Rick Higgins, the head chef, has more than 10 years experience in the kitchen. His creativity will absolutely stunned your taste bud. Not only you will be served delicious food, but you will also see the beautiful plating on your table setting.

lunch in atlanta

If you want to see more details about The Chef’s Table Atlanta, check out You can also email them for more information and inquires at

Hit us up when you have an event coming up and we will take care of it!


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